Does your operation involve rail or truck tankers?

Zistos Corporation has been designing remote video inspection systems to safely and efficiently inspect the interior of vats, hoppers and tanks for industry since 2001. We are proud to announce the introduction of our NEW Tanker Inspection Camera System, (Part #: IAD-TIPZ-A6). This system is specifically designed to allow for a safe and thorough inspection of the interior of a rail or truck tanker. Just as important, the system allows the user to record and document the conditions. You can now prove that a proper cleaning was completed and the interior area was clean and devoid of any foreign objects or cross contaminants!

Inspecting a tank car has traditionally presented challenges. It is difficult to thoroughly inspect the interior of a car from outside; and as a confined space, a tank car can be inherently hazardous for inspectors to enter. A Video Inspection System from Zistos meets these challenges by offering safe, visual inspection of all areas of the interior of a tank car without a confined space entry.

The Zistos system consists of a specially designed self-illuminating zoom camera mounted to a pole. The pole telescopes down into the tank area and can be manipulated in any direction to allow for a thorough visual inspection of the tanker interior. Images are viewed and can be recorded on a battery-powered LCD display. Video recordings and still images can be recorded onto an internal memory card or transmitted via WiFi to a Smartphone, tablet or computer on a network. The system is ruggedly designed and easy to operate.

Structural issues, corrosion, mold, foreign objects, residue from wash operations, cross contaminants from previous loads and evidence of vermin can be revealed with our system. It allows an inspector to view all areas of the inside of a tank car without being exposed to the many risks associated with a confined space entry. Plus, the DVR option allows digital records to be kept that document the time, date, and results of inspections. These records can be easily stored and archived offering evidence that the tanker was as it should be following a cleaning process!

All Zistos systems are weatherproof, battery-powered, portable, durable, lightweight, compact, and made in the USA.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a hands-on demonstration of any Zistos system, please contact any member of the Zistos sales team. Give us a call today so that we can show you how using a Zistos video inspection system can help maintain brand integrity, improve quality, improve safety by eliminating dangerous confined space entry operations and help reduce costs.

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Zistos Vehicle Search – When Failure is Not an Option

Zistos Corporation has a Video Search System designed for passenger and commercial vehicles that can be applied anywhere and is more effective at seeing suspicious indicators than can be accomplished with the naked eye or with using rolling mirrors. Mirrors may work to some degree as a deterrent, but are largely ineffective in actually seeing any details.

In many instances, these indicators can be very subtle and would easily be missed using other methods.  The system is portable, rapidly deployable, weather resistant, and easy to operate.  It lets you see the subtle signs of tampering and other suspicious indicators on commercial and passenger vehicles that are often associated with acts of terrorism, and smuggling.

If you are truly interested in real security efforts involving vehicle screening to protect your facility, asset or event, call us for a free demonstration or quote.  Zistos Vehicle Search tools, when failure is not an option.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370 to request a free, no obligation product demonstration.

Camera Enhancement: 10x Zoom Camera

Zistos Corp. has long been a manufacturer of portable video systems that are used to inspect or surveil areas that are inaccessible or dangerous to enter. We are always working on our products to increase their capability and value.

Our newest enhancement involves one of our more popular products used in remote video inspection applications – our 10x Zoom Camera module. Our Zoom Camera head is one of the more unique products that we offer. It is a sealed, submersible, self-illuminating camera head. It attaches to any of our flex end or articulating poles that range in length from two feet to forty feet. Our Zoom Camera offers a true 10x optical zoom capability and it can be attached to any of our poles for remote inspection tasks. The optical zoom function is accomplished with an internal lens train that magnifies objects within the field of view like any zoom function would. This is to be differentiated from a digital zoom function that many cameras offer, these increase the size of the image by doubling the pixel size – thus degrading the image quality. Our camera gives you a larger image and preserves the detail.

We are typically looking into areas that are dark and we rely on the illuminators on the camera head to properly illuminate an area. Our newly enhanced Zoom Camera head has been optimized to produce 4 times the light intensity than our previous design. This improvement allows the operator to see more detail at further distances in a dark environment AND it is fully compatible with our line of rugged battery powered LCD displays and video recorders. This is a great inspection tool to insert into tanks, vaults, hoppers, or any dark confined space that is dangerous to enter or inaccessible. It allows the operator to see small details, in a dangerous and dark environment, without the need to enter the space.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you how our new enhanced zoom camera can be used to increase the safety and effectiveness of your inspection operation. Please go to our website for more information, or contact us with any questions, or to request a no obligation on site demo of our telescoping pole camera system with our new Zoom Camera that has 4 times the illumination of our previous models.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370 to request a free, no obligation product demonstration.

The Newly Upgraded IR Zoom Camera

One of our more popular products in our line of tactical surveillance tools is our IR illuminated Zoom Camera. We are one of the few manufacturers that offer’s a camera that has a true 10X optical zoom in a self-illuminated, IR camera.

The camera, like most of our products, is modular and can be mounted on any of our telescoping pole designs or drop cables. The zoom capability of this camera goes beyond the typical fixed focus and magnification optics on most other cameras that are used in tactical surveillance applications. The IR illuminators used on the IR Zoom camera are outside of the visible spectrum but can be sensed by our video electronics, thus yielding a truly stealthy tactical surveillance tool.

What we have done is changed the illuminators to a new design that yields approximately 4 times the amount of IR illumination as our previous model. This means that you can see further, with more detail, in dark environments and still maintain stealth. As mentioned, the camera utilizes a true optical lens train for the zoom – so you do not loose resolution when the image gets magnified and as a side benefit the system is fully weather resistant and the camera and pole are completely immersible in water.

Here at Zistos we predominantly utilize a wired design for handling the video. Wireless technology can be layered in if required, but in most circumstances the wired approach is going to ensure that your sensitive tactical video cannot be intercepted, detected or recorded by unauthorized third parties – it will only be viewed by members of your tactical team and anyone else that is involved in the operation.

Our new IR Zoom camera with its enhanced IR illumination joins the ranks of our other tactical surveillance products, such as our Thermal Pole Cameras, Under Door Cameras, our 40 foot Extended Reach Pole Cameras, IR StealthScope and our Through-The-Wall Camera. These varied tactical surveillance tools are fully compatible with each other and many of their parts are interchangeable. The net result is a complete tactical surveillance tools that maximizes your ability to garner real time visual intelligence in a covert manner and help insure the safety and success of your tactical missions.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370 to request a free, no obligation product demonstration.

The Dual View Under Door Camera

The Zistos Dual View Under Door Camera is designed to provide visual information of an otherwise unviewable situation or environment – from underneath the door.  Its applications consist of hostage-barricade scenarios, dynamic entries, clearing a building’s interior, and many more. It can be an invaluable tool for a tactical team.

This system consists of a uniquely designed dual sensor camera that generates a video image, under low light conditions, when inserted into the small slot underneath a closed door.

The camera contains two low light sensors with invisible IR illuminators in its 5 mm thick tongue. One sensor points forward, the other points upwards.  The forward looking sensor lets you see into the interior of the room, while the upward looking sensor allows you to see back at the inside of the door and door frame.  Looking back at the inside of the door allows you to see barricades, booby traps, trip wires and other potentially deadly devices before entering the room.  The display image is toggled from the forward sensor or the upward sensor by adjusting the illumination control knob on the display unit.

The Dual View Under Door Camera is also equipped with a built-in audio listening device with advanced signal processing that makes it easier to hear subtle audio information and reduces the loud sounds and background noise.

The double hinged pole allows a tactical team member to insert the camera and pan the room while away from the door frame and outside of the fatal funnel.

Like many of our systems, this camera uses a safe and secure wired design and the camera images are viewed on our portable battery powered WalkAbout monitor. This means that sensitive video images cannot be viewed by unauthorized third parties as is the case with many wireless systems. The monitor is very rugged, shock and weather resistant, and features a bright display that offers the highest resolution for its size.

The Zistos Under Door camera is a valuable tool that can provide video intelligence that can help ensure success in a tactical mission. This camera is fully compatible with the other tactical surveillance tools manufactured by Zistos, such as our articulating and telescoping pole cameras, our IR zoom pole cameras, thermal pole cameras, videoscopes, and even our through the wall camera.

It rounds out a suite of tools that are interchangeable and allow a team to increase their real time situational awareness so that they have a better chance of accomplishing their mission goals in a safe and effective manner.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370 to request a free, no obligation product demonstration.

NEW! Pole Support Bracket Accessory

Zistos Corporation has long designed remote inspection pole camera systems for law enforcement, military, rescue and industrial applications. All of our systems are designed to: – as we say – “put your eyes where they may not be safe to go.” The system is very simple – it features a self-illuminating zoom or thermal camera, mounted on a pole that allows the operator to articulate, or pan the camera and the video can be viewed on a body worn or tripod mounted display.

Our industrial applications increase the safety and effectiveness of repair maintenance operations because they allow an initial visual assessment of environment, equipment and conditions in an underground vault without the need to enter a confined space.

Some of our industrial customers in the power utility and water markets asked us to improve on the design by coming up with a more ergonomically friendly system.

We were tasked with designing a mechanism that would allow the pole camera to be inserted into a vault and NOT require the operator to hold the pole for an extended period in one position, thus avoiding operator fatigue.

We came up with a system that addresses all of these requirements.  The system can be adapted to our existing pole by attaching a “ball” that clam shells around the pole.

The ball and socket design allows the pole to pivot – similar to a joystick – about the opening in two dimensions. The pole can also be rotated 360 degrees in the socket and the camera head can be articulated independently about 180 degrees of pan.  The end result yields a system that allows the operator to inspect any location in the vault without the need to hold and bear the weight of the pole over a long period.  The socket and bar can be positioned flat on the ground or clamped onto a standard OSHA fall protection barrier.

This new enhancement makes it even easier for the end user to perform a visual assessment, or troubleshoot equipment inside of an underground vault without the need to enter the confined space.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370 to request a free, no obligation product demonstration.

Who Else is Viewing Your Wireless Tactical Video Signals?

Zistos Corporation designs rugged, reliable and most importantly secure tactical surveillance systems used by many military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Zistos video tools use hard wires as the primary design approach for viewing the video. This approach is not only more reliable in the field; it also cannot be detected or viewed by unauthorized personnel.

There are many tactical surveillance video systems that use wireless designs and for many years this was an acceptable approach.  However, new technology has rendered the use of wireless equipment as extremely risky.  Wireless systems allow sensitive video images to be easily viewed and recorded by:

  • News Media
  • Home Security Systems
  • Low Cost Video Scanners
  • Even Some Baby Monitors!

We all have seen video examples of law enforcement operations that are taken out of context, edited or even manipulated to negatively portray a police action. They get pushed into the public sector, can end up in the hands of the media, or worse, on YouTube where they can create a PR problem at best and incite civil unrest at worst.  Tactical missions that use Zistos Corporation’s tactical surveillance system help keep sensitive video off of the internet and away from the media by preventing unauthorized access of the video images.

We take the occasional criticism for our use of wires by those in the industry who are not aware as to the true level of risk that wireless systems present. This position is often reversed once they are made aware that wireless systems allow anyone to detect and intercept their sensitive video images. Wireless systems are just not worth the potential risk associated with their convenience. Convenience should never compromise the security and effectiveness of a mission.

Please check out our website to view our array of tactical surveillance video tools that will allow your team to safely see while on tactical missions in a safe and secure manner.  Give us a call or fill out this form to setup a free, no-obligation demonstration at your location.

If you are not concerned about who else can see your wireless surveillance video – You should be!

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370.

Q&A: Through-The-Wall, A Complete Video System

Like many Zistos systems, our Through-The-Wall Camera Kit was developed by Zistos at the request of and with cooperation from law enforcement. The TTW camera system provides visual access, into an adjacent room, through an interior sheet rock wall. This tool can provide visual intelligence on a scene when no other visual paths, (i.e.; windows, doors, etc.), are available. The system can be used for strategic mission planning in hostage-barricades scenarios. The system is also used in explosive breaching applications to help minimize collateral damage.

The kit includes all tools – silent stud finder, silent hand drill, specialized drill bit, and wall clamp-jig – necessary to drill both a six inch access hole on one side of the wall and a pinhole size opening on the other side. Included in the system is a specially designed low light camera that allows the user to position the camera using the wall clamp-jig in line with the pinhole to see into the adjacent room. A supplemental IR illuminator is also included and can be used to covertly illuminate the adjacent room in the total absence of any ambient light.

The Zistos Through-The-Wall Camera Kit allows teams to increase intelligence gathering capabilities and safety in a variety of tactical situations.

All Zistos systems are weatherproof, durable, lightweight, compact, battery-operated, portable, and made in the USA. Thousands of Zistos systems are relied upon around the world, including systems with many U.S. and foreign military/government agencies.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370.

The NEW Rail/Truck Tanker Inspection System

For years Industrial Inspection Systems from Zistos have helped increase worker safety and reduce inspection costs by keeping workers out of confined and difficult to reach spaces. With the addition of our new Rail/Truck Tanker Inspection System, inspectors can now perform a safe, visual inspection of the interior of a tanker from outside the tank. The worker can now check for hygienic conditions, foreign objects, cracks, and corrosion without the need to enter the tank and perform a confined space entry.

The system (IAD-TIPZ-6) has a uniquely configured, telescoping pole that can pan 180 degrees in both directions and attaches to a tanker hatch, allowing you to view all areas of the car interior. Also included in the system is a self-illuminating, 10X optical zoom camera and a body-worn, 5.6” LCD display with DVR capability.

All Zistos systems are weatherproof, durable, lightweight, compact, battery-operated, portable, and made in the USA. Thousands of Zistos systems are relied upon around the world, including systems with many U.S. and foreign military/government agencies.

The bottom line is that a Zistos portable video inspection system not only increases safety by keeping workers out of potentially hazardous environments, but also can significantly reduce confined space inspection costs by increasing efficiency, requiring less equipment, and shorter on-scene time.

For more information about Zistos portable video inspection systems, visit our website, or call us at (631) 434-1370.

Reduce Costs and Increase Safety of Maintenance Operations in a Confined Space

Power generation and industrial process involve supporting equipment and materials that are located within a confined space. Confined spaces are inherently dangerous and unfortunately, many confined space industrial accidents have resulted in the death and injury of workers. There are regulations and safety mandates in place that do increase the safety and reduce the risks of confined space entries. These regulations improve safety, but they can also increase the cost and complexity of a confined space entry operation. Zistos Corporation has come up with a solution that both increases the safety and reduces the cost of many maintenance-repair operations that involve confined spaces.

The First Step of a Maintenance/Repair Operation
In almost every instance, maintenance and repair operations start out by making a visual assessment of operating conditions, environment and equipment.  This allows the process to move forward with the knowledge of what, if any, problems exist and how to try to remedy the condition.

The Capabilities and Benefits of Remote Video Inspection
A remote video inspection tool such as the Industrial Zoom Pole Camera from Zistos Corporation, allows the worker to make this visual assessment safely outside of the confined space – without the need for entry. The camera system allows the operator to insert the camera into the confined space envelope and view/record the area and equipment for problems using a variety of different camera technologies, such as zoom, low light and even thermal imaging.

This tool has the benefit of increasing worker safety, while simultaneously reducing the complexity and cost of the operation. This remote visual assessment made from outside of the space, not only alerts the worker to the status of equipment/environment in the space, it also increases awareness of any unknown hazards that may be present in the confined space prior to entry. If upon completion of the inspection phase it is determined that there are no obvious problems that require attention, the worker does not even need to enter the space and a confined space entry operation is avoided.

Cost Analysis
In one application, a cost analysis conducted on the use of this video inspection tool yielded a complete return on investment after less than 40 hours of use.   The resultant reduction of operating costs was accomplished by decreasing the number of confined space entry operations.  When confined space entries were deemed necessary, the time spent by workers in the confined space was also reduced. The amount of time spent in a confined space can also be directly correlated to operating costs. This analysis did not even factor in any consideration to reduction of on the job injury or disability claims from confined space accidents.

The benefits of using a remote inspection tool such as the Zistos video inspection product to keep workers out of confined or dangerous spaces makes sense on every level. The tools facilitate the sound practice of exposing a worker to a potentially hazardous environment only when the need for and safety of entry are confirmed following a visual assessment. The use of this approach benefits both the bottom line of an operation and helps insure the safety and wellbeing of the primary asset of any industrial concern – their employees.

For more information or to schedule a hands-on demonstration of any Zistos system, please visit or call (631) 434-1370.